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I like writing articles about things I know well. I have spent a lot of time developing informative online destinations in many areas of interest. We see that people are always looking for excellent information and we are trying to accommodate them. Be sure to check with us to see our new and informative information websites

I was born and raised in Prague, Czechoslovakia. I received a bachelor’s degree in art history from Charles University. I am a proud owner of a small store with herbal remedies and supplements in the Old Town Square of Prague.

Due to various reasons, I recently spent a lot of time in the United States. Of course, basically, I will always be a daughter of “Staromestske Namesti”. That will never change.

I am amateur and amateur photographer of PhotoShop. I love animals … all … regardless of their size and appearance. However, horses have always had a special place in my heart … I can watch them for hours.


Welcome to StillFlying.Net, the home of Virtual Firefly: Here’s How It Might Have Been, a VFP (Virtual Fanfiction Project) dedicated to continuing Joss Whedon’s epic science fiction western television series “Firefly”.

Beginning where “Objects in Space”, the final official episode of “Firefly” left off, VFF tells the continuing story of Malcolm Reynolds, Captain of the Firefly-class transport ship “Serenity”, his crew, and their passengers.

As a VFP, Virtual Firefly will operate as closely as possible to a real television series, with a new episode being released every Tuesday (unless otherwise noted).

Anyone who is unfamiliar with the characters or universe of Firefly can consult our Characters page, while the episodes themselves can be found on the Episodes page.

Episode One —– Download Here

Episode Two ——- Download Here